Aluwood Features:

  1. Frame Width: 75 mm,85 mm
  2. This system combines all features of a wood window inside with the advantages of aluminum on the outside.
  3. Glass thickness: 6-32mm single glazed and double glazed.
  4. Excellent weather sealing by EPDM barriers.
  5. It features insulated doors & windows, enhancing insulation to maximum.
  6. It provides the advantages of employing interior window shutter.
  • it is recommended for cold and tropical climate.
  • Aluminum-wood windows offer ultimate aesthetic flexibility as they can be made from a variety of the most precious natural wood types such as walnut, beech, oak, hazelnut.
  • Available in wide range of powder coating colours , Anodizing and Wood effect designs.
  • Excellent resistant against UV radiation and atmospheric conditions.


Opening types