Peyman Aluminum Industrial Complex Management Goals

target one
  1. While accepting the establishment of quality management system, ISO 9001: 2008 as a strategic decision, Peyman Industrial Complex management will provide all the necessary resources to carry out the tasks effectively. The management and staff will adhere to the following principles:

1) Efforts to provide customer satisfaction so that the name of Peyman Industrial Complex is associated with quality and reliability for customers.

In this respect, the following principles will be the forefront of all activities:

- Providing anodized coating and color services with the highest quality using modern technology and high quality raw materials with international standards meeting all quality requirements and the interests of the customers

- Timely delivery

- Meet the diverse needs of customers on the type of coating

 target two

Continuous efforts to replace the standard European door and window system with the old traditional system

 target three

Efforts to provide customers with software for manufacturing doors and windows by Peyman Industrial Complex

 target four

Systematic approach in managing the organization, continuous improvement and the pursuit of synergistic processes

 target five

Increasing the knowledge of personnel at all levels through continuing education

 target six

Decisions based on real data obtained from analyses

 target seven

Promoting a culture of collaboration and teamwork

 target eight

Planning long-term cooperation with the suppliers with a view of commercial partners

 target nine

Strict compliance with safety and industrial hygiene to minimize health and safety risks to personnel and other clients of the organization

 target ten

Order and discipline in the conduct and implementation of the 5S workplace organizing system in all workspaces