Since its establishment in 1981, Peyman Industrial Complex (affiliated to Iran’s Ministry of Industries) has been a renowned leading producer and service provider in the field of construction and industrial aluminum profiles using modern machinery and experienced personnel. The company produces and provides the market with a wide spectrum of products (anodizing, powder coating, and wood design) in accordance with global standards. 

In 1981, Peyman Industrial Complex was established with one anodizing line in an industrial area near Tehran

In 1986, the research started for commissioning the color anodizing line and production of the first anodized color sample in Iran.

In 1990, our company introduced printed nylon packaging as a substitute for paper packaging for the first time in Iran.

In 1994, the first anodization line was commissioned for anodizing industrial parts used in desalination plants on the Iranian islands located off the southern coasts of the country.

In 2003, Peyman Industrial Complex was relocated to Salarieh Industrial Park, Varamin, and further development introduced in the form of a modern anodization line with European-made electric and control equipment.

In 2004, the first horizontal powder painting line and the first wood design coating operation were commissioned at the new plant in Salarieh Industrial Park.

In 2005, the second horizontal powder painting line was commissioned.

In 2007, the second wood design coating line was commissioned.

In 2008, the third powder painting line and the thermal brick production line were commissioned.

In 2009, the polishing and brushing line were added to the anodization line (for further processing anodized parts).

In 2009, the electro-coloring technique was introduced to provide gold and crimson anodized coatings.

In 2011, the first vertical powder painting line was commissioned in Iran.