Electrostatic Powder Coatings

The vertical color line involves the following four stages:

  1. Preparation, washing and drying
  2. Coloring
  3. Transfer (after coloring)
  4. Furnace

Fully-Automatic Vertical Color Line

The electrostatic color line, the only fully-automatic vertical color line in Iran, includes the most advanced color lines. First, the profiles are cleaned in the washing solutions and then prepared to guarantee the stability of color. After that, the dried profiles are transferred to color units.

All processes in the vertical color line are done automatically and continuously. All colors in the continuous color lines are cured in furnaces at temperatures of 200 °C. The diversity in the type of texture and color is of the advantages of these kinds of colors.

As an advantage of the vertical color line, the color adheres to pieces and profiles effectively. This critical goal is achieved through the following steps:


This stage includes acidic and alkaline stripping in which the profiles pass through the washing tunnel to spray washing materials on the profiles. As an advantage to the immersion, in this type of preparation, all pollutants are filtered by several filters in the direction of flow of materials. The balanced material free from contamination are sprayed on the profiles under pressure. Finally, the profiles are washed with distilled water.


At this stage, the profiles are uniformly dehumidified through controlled warm air (60 °C). Due to the continuous process, the profile is transferred to the color spray unit in the shortest possible time between washing and preparation stages. This is important to stabilize the color, the quality of paint adhesion, and the useful life of the colored profiles.

Color Cabins

On this line, 48 automatic guns are used in two cabins to spray the colors. The large number of spray guns allows a uniform spray resulting in a uniform layer of color on all faces of the profile.


After spraying, the profiles continuously enter a furnace and pass through a course of 100 m inside the furnace in accordance with standard parameters of color curing. Another key advantage of the vertical color line is the long course in the furnace allowing the proper gradients for both temperature rise and reduction. Finally, after leaving the furnace, the 50 m course to the packaging table allows control tests and monitoring the quality of color.

Our capabilities in the field of furnace powder color services are as follows:

  1. Full preparation in continuous immersion lines with degreasing, stripping, coating and ensuring color adhesion (chromates and phosphates).
  2. Color spraying by fully-automatic guns made by the most prestigious Swiss companies
  3. Color furnaces with the temperature graphs at several points according to Quali coat standards to ensure a uniform temperature in the curing stage (implementation of all colors available with the amount offered with gloss, matte and sanding effects)


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