Extrusion machineries for production of aluminum profiles include the following units:

  • Equipment unit
  • Engineering design unit
  • die polishing unit
  • Nitration unit
  • Quality control unit

Extrusion equipment include:

  1. A 7-inch 1,700-ton press equipped with a fully automatic PLC system to control the pressure, speed and temperature during the production process which is of great importance to achieve the desired quality.
  2. A 42 m automatic table with refractory rotating guides and heat seal belt allows production without any scratch as a polish anodizing coating requirement. The double puller system on this table will improve production efficiency with minimum labor while reducing wastes and avoiding the complexity of the multichannel products.
  3. A new generation of fully automatic gas heating furnace for 6 m billets to produce a homogeneous heat in the inner and outer layers for a standard production and take advantage of billets with the desired length.
  4. Lock shear device to cut the warm billet in different sizes with an accuracy of 2 mm.
  5. Fully-automatic mold electric heater for uniform heating of the mold and temperature control of the production process to produce a uniform surface with high quality.

Aging Unit

The latest technology planned and controlled by PLC is used in this unit to control loading in the cabin using special fireproof plates by installing a rack row to achieve a uniform hardness in all sections of the aging batch. Finally, an age of 14 and 16 is achieved for the internal and double wing billets, respectively.

 Nitration Unit

In this unit, nitration is regularly performed to increase the surface hardness of mold bearing to prevent early scratch of the mold bearing surface according to mold production schedule depending on the mold function. This ultimately leads to a perfect standard surface.

 Mold Polishing Unit

In this unit, an automatic mold polish device is used. The fully automated hands-free operation is carried out with special material supplied from European countries. The mold is completely polished at one stage (punch and matrix) leading to increased mold life while preventing heterogeneous size changes.

Design and Engineering Unit

In this unit, the mold map is prepared in AutoCAD. With respect to the performance of the upstream process, the map is referred to the relevant department after the reforms required for mold construction.

 Quality Control Unit

In addition to control the production process, the production number is printed on the individual branches for next stages. In addition, daily production for each mold including the wastes and the ultimate production efficiency for each profile is recorded to control the next production stages.

Packaging Unit

After production and aging, the profiles are packaged by automatic packaging equipment with an 80 µ thin plastic film. The packaged profiles are finally closed in 500 kg packs with an outer protective layer and then are transferred to the storage depot after weighting. In the profile production unit, all parameters influencing the product quality are controlled by electronic equipment and experienced operators. The use of modern equipment and technology allows production according to international standards. The use of high quality raw materials and standard billet pre-heating furnace, 6 m billets, fully automatic double puller machine, fully automatic transfer table with fireproof felt coating, mold maintenance furnace and automatic mold polishing device.

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