New Generation of Double-Glazed Thermal Aluminum Windows

This system uses polyamide strips made of compressed glass fiber capable of withstanding high loads, pressure, and temperature (300 C) to separate the internal and external layers of the aluminum profile, thus providing proper thermal insulation for the profile.

This thermal insulation not only satisfies the requirements set forth in Section 19 of Iran’s Construction Regulations, but also provides the possibility of providing contrasting colors for the inside and outside views of the window.

In addition, more resistant coatings may be employed in the outside view of the window against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and atmospheric conditions, and various decorative designs can be created in the inside view in accordance with specific customer taste.

Polyamide Strips

Aluminum has high heat conducting properties, thus introducing a great disadvantage in terms of energy loss in the building. For this reason, polyamide strips are used between the inner and outer parts of aluminum windows to provide heat insulation.

Peyman Industrial Aluminum Group uses the highest quality polyamide brands to ensure the best quality for its thermal breaks.


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