Decoration Unit

Wood effect coatings create a realistic view of the most precious and beautiful woods such as walnut, beech, oak, hazelnut, etc. In addition to conserving natural resources, it brings beautiful effects of nature to the home, workplace and public places.

Decoration Steps

  1. The profiles are coated by powder colors such as polyurethanes.

The powder coatings are used because of suitable preparation for placing the film on the aluminum profiles.

Powder coating involves three steps:

  • Degreasing and cleaning (pretreatment)
  • Powder spray
  • Curing

  1. After leaving the furnace, the colored profiles are coated with special decorative films. The film is completely vacuumed on the surface of profile.
  2. The profiles are then heated to 200-230 °C in a special decorative furnace. At this stage, the film is transferred to the surface of profile.
  3. After curing and cooling, the film layer is separated from the surface of the profile.

These effects are produced fully automatic after washing, chromating and electrostatic powder spraying.

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Examples of wood pattern

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99286-201 99293-201 99297-201

99307-201 99310-201 99310-202

99310-203 99314-202 99315-201

99323-205 99331-201 99347-201

99377-201 99380-201 99403-201

99404-201 99405-201 99410-201

99430-201 99018-201 99044-201

99053-202 99061-201 99062-201