The main tasks of this department include:

  1. Carrying out design and feasibility study activities at different technical and construction phases
  2. Carrying out design and feasibility study activities for the implementation of various surface coating operations on manufactured profiles (sections)
  3. Evaluating and controlling the quality (at its Quality Control Center) of raw materials upon their entry to the organization

In the Design and Feasibility Study Office, the production conditions for extrusion dies are simulated via advanced software and the necessary information is subsequently dispatched to Die Preparation Department.

In the Design and Feasibility Office, the method of implementing industrial and decorative coating processes are designed and carried out with due regard to the technical characteristics of the workpiece alloy and profile shape as well as the required raw materials and standard control tests for  each case. These are then sent to the customer for approval. Upon the customer’s approval, all of them are made available to Production Department in the form of production technology forms which shall serve as a reference for applying due controls during the production process.

In the Evaluation and Quality Control Department, the characteristics of all raw materials affecting the quality of the product are entered into files and the different stages including first entry, in-production, and storage stages are continuously inspected and any observed flaws are reported to the suppliers for further improvements. Finally, the raw materials from different suppliers are duly graded.

In Quality Control Department, we continuously test the chemicals influencing production and take the necessary measures to refine and use them optimally in accordance with the relevant standards. Moreover, quality of the products is subjected to various tests and the results recorded, archived, and managed in such a way that the best quality can be consistently achieved.

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