Curtain Wall System


Curtain Wall Features:

  1. Glass thickness: 18-24 mm .
  2. It is preferred for high-rise expansive glazed buildings.
  3. Sash can be applied either inward or outward opening.
  4. Excellent water tightness, weather tightness and great strength without bolting or riveting.
  5. It’s visual appearance offers a continuous and expansive exterior glass which also increases esthetical value of building.
  6. Using fixing brackets.
  7. It is flexible against earthquake tensions and possible building subsidence thanks to its self-support features.
  8. In this system there is no need for gridding the frame work of façade due to the fact that lamel profile is attached to the building by fixing brackets.
  9. It enables to apply aluminium composite panel.
  • It provides the advantage of separating the exterior colour from the interior colour of window.
  • Available in wide range of powder coating colours , Anodizing and Wood effect designs.
  • Excellent weather sealing by EPDM barriers.
  • Lightweight structure and reducing dead load of building.

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